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What is DSM TOOL?

DSM Tool also known as drop shipping management tool is a tool used to rapidly list items from sources like  AMAZON, TARGET, WALMART, KMART, SEARS, OVERSTOCK, ALI EXPRESS within a few clicks to the eBay website.  It also has repricing and stock management abilities.


Is it necessary to use a tool for eBay drop shipping? 

Well working with the manual procedure is too outdated, everyone wants to save time nowadays. When I was working on my listings manually I used to list 10 items or max 15 a day. Since I am using a tool for listing I am listing around 50 ITEMS for an hour.  Sounds like a magic right? Yeah, it is magical.


Here are the PROS  of DSM TOOL :


  1. 50 FREE Listings: Yes, DSM TOOL provides 50 free listing forever which is really worth it. eBay also has 50 listings for some countries. One can easily take advantage of both together.
  2. Top Suppliers: DSM Tool allows us to source from the top suppliers like Amazon US & UK, Walmart, Home Depot, Ali Express, Kmart, Sears etc. You can choose any of these as your product source and start selling them on eBay.
  3.  Easy USER INTERFACE: Apart from other advantages of DSM Tool the best one which I really love is the easy user interface. Even a person with low tech knowledge can use the DSM Tool without bothering about the interface.
  4. Rapid Lister: Rapid lister is the listing tool of DSM tool. Either you click on the list on DSM or copy paste the product link to the rapid lister tool, and leave the rest on the magical rapid lister tool. It will automatically import all the data of product including the pictures, ASIN, MPN etc.
  5. Title Suggestion: DSM also gives you suggestion on the best-looking title with keywords searched by customers on eBay platform.
  6. Bulk Edit: You can always check which product is performing good and which is not. With price monitor bulk edit option one can check and remove non-performing items with few clicks.
  7. Chat Support: Whenever I faced any issues with the tool I took the chat box or the instant chat help that appears on the right corner of the dashboard. DSM TOOL team always took care of my issues within few minutes. They always respond quickly and do the needful.
  8. Pricing: Last but not the list the pricing packages of DSM tool are really easy to understand and flexible. You can always pay as you go. I am currently on MAGNUM PLAN.


Cons:  So far I have not detected any major flaw in this tool, well every single software has its pros and cons. If we see it as a tool that saves a lot of time and helps us manage our e-commerce inventory with an easy user interface then it is really helpful with a lot of positive points. The only cons I have seen so far is limited suppliers. I would request DSM team to add as many suppliers as possible in the future.


For more understanding and a live experience, I have created a YouTube video walkthrough review of DSM TOOL.

If you are looking to purchase the DSM Tool the please use my affiliate link below this sentence, It won’t cost you an extra buck or give you any discount but it will help me grow so that I can make more articles on such tools so that it can help you decide where to invest your hard-earned money. Thanks..!








Satrujit Mishra, Digital Sashtra

Digital Marketing Enthusiast | Founder | Marketer | Trainer

Satrujit Mishra

Digital Marketing Enthusiast | Founder | Marketer | Trainer

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  1. Sam

    I find DSM Tool very useful too. The features they have make dropshipping much easier. I would also recommend this tool, especially when doing eBay dropshipping.

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