10 Proven Creative Digital Marketing Ideas & Trends for Restaurant Business

November 13, 2018 Satrujit Mishra

10 Proven Creative Digital Marketing Ideas & Trends for Restaurant Business

A restaurant is no doubt a great business to have, but in the last couple of years we can see a new restaurant pops at the different territory of our hometown, it is indeed a hard task to survive in the market and move forward with scaling the business with opening new branches.

But what is that particular marketing strategy that will make your restaurant stand out from the crowd? How it will beat the competition?

How can you expand without worrying about failure? I’m sure these questions are making you stressed and frustrated.

Before expansion, a restaurant can surely have its national or global presence throughout the internet using the digital marketing techniques that are already helping many businesses.

In this article, I will go through several points that might be not possible for some restaurants because they need to hire a professional team for that, but do not worry at all.

You are not superman. Always be prepared to outsource.

  1. Google My Business:-  One of the major techniques I have used so far for local restaurants that worked is Google My Business or the Google business listing. It really helps, trust me! When people search for the keyword “Restaurant Near Me” Google always shows them the nearest restaurant which they can hop in and have food. Google My Business is a must-have if you are into the restaurant business. If you still don’t believe me search for the keyword I mentioned above.

  2. Instagram:-  Study says that food-related pictures that are uploaded and shared in Instagram are higher when compared with other social media platforms altogether. Are you thinking what I am thinking? It’s time to hire an Instagram manager for your restaurant business. #FoodPorn #Foodie #Live2Eat #LetsEat #Restaurant etc are the best hashtags that give great results on Instagram. You can also think about hiring a professional photographer if you have a budget or you can use your smartphone too.

  3. Special Day offers:- Track all your business days and find out the day you are having lowest sales, plan a discount on that particular day or create an event on the same day to boost your sales.

  4. Facebook Events:-  Use Facebook events to drive massive footfall by giving something in exchange like 10% cash back or Mr. Friday Night or Miss. Friday Night. Talk with some local musicians that can help you make the event successful.

  5. Influencer Marketing:– Find out some best food bloggers and celebrities that match to your restaurant’s cuisine and invite them for a free dinner. Ask them to post about the experience on Instagram by tagging your business page.

  6. Weekly Newsletter:- Collect emails of customers and send them weekly newsletter where they can check out the new stories, dishes, and events that are happening in your restaurant.

  7. Website:- Now you must be thinking why do I need a website? Online bookings, Food Orders are now a big thing. Have you thought about it yet? At least get a one-page website that can book tables. Slowly scale with other functionalities.

  8. Custom hashtag:- Use a custom hashtag that is related to your brand. I.e #KFCusa or #KFCau. Customers can easily find you using the hashtag.

  9. QR Codes:- Install nicely printed QR codes to your Instagram and Facebook page. Tell the waiters to collect likes, feedbacks and follows using the QR codes.

  10. Contests:- If you really want to go viral on social media sites, host some contests and give a free meal to the winner. Keep some simple rules and announce the winner on a Sunday when maximum people can see the winner and be excited to come again and again.

There are hundreds of other techniques which you can really use to scale your restaurant business using the power of digital marketing. I hope these 10 methods will help you for sure.

Now you must be thinking this can not be done by me, and only a team of professionals can do it. Well, sometimes it is best if we let the professionals handle the things.

Packages for restaurant business digital marketing are starting at $499 with us.

It includes almost all the strategies that are listed above. If you are feeling that you should outsource your restaurant digital marketing then feel free to reach out to me.

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