11 Benefits of Digital Marketing That Will Blow Your Mind

July 22, 2019
July 22, 2019 Satrujit Mishra

When it comes to the benefits of Digital Marketing, I can write more than 100 points.

But I appreciate the time you spend on my blog and I do not want to make you people fall asleep while reading the article.

So let’s talk about the benefits of Digital Marketing.

1. It is cost-effective / affordable :

Yes, it is, when you compare digital marketing with traditional marketing, digital marketing is way cheaper than traditional marketing and is affordable for a small local business or a newborn startup.

2. It is inbound, not outbound:

In traditional marketing, we push our product or services to the target audience which is also known as outbound marketing.

In digital marketing, we pull people who are more likely to buy our products or services. It is inbound and it does not annoy the target audience unless you are spamming.

3. It is data-driven:

Digital marketing is data-driven. For example, if you place a physical banner you can’t get any data analytics of how many people have seen it or whether they are men or women.

But if you place a digital banner you can.

4. It can be measured:

Literally, digital marketing can be measured with little efforts.
If you have Google Analytics installed on your website, you can easily get the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly report of your visitors.

5. Improved conversion:

It is always easy to convert customers who are already interested in your product or services than going out and pushing your products or services.

According to research businesses that have already adopted digital marketing are now seeing better conversion rates.

6. Helps to build your brand trust:

As a customer, you will not trust a brand if they don’t have a website, social media pages, mobile app or an online presence.

The same is applied to consumers, they trust brands that are having a proper online presence.

7. Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing helps you to get the most positive customers:

When you have strategies like SEO & SEM applied for your target audience, you will be getting people who are already looking for you.

As an example, let’s say you have a business that provides corporate cleaning services. You can not go door to door and ask for business.

Rather apply SEO or SEM strategies so that when someone searches for “corporate cleaning service” phrase on Google or Bing they will connect with you to get the work done.

8. Social Media Optimization Will Give You Max Visibility:

Brands like Royal Enfield are taking the most advantage out of their social media pages.

They have user-based content and own content as well. Their fan following and loyal customer base are so big that they are getting a huge mileage out of every social media post they do.

9. Easy Feedback From Customers:

2019 is the era of Feedbacks & Reviews. We check feedbacks of the restaurants we visit, the t-shirts we buy and movie tickets we purchase.

Platforms like Yelp, Facebook, Google my business allows your customers to leave honest feedback about your business.

This helps a business to know what they are doing wrong and how they can fix it.

Do not forget to get Yelp, Google My Business & Facebook Page for your business.

10. Digital Marketing Can Be Automated:

Yes, the maximum tasks of digital marketing now can be automated by using some third-party tools.

11. Digital Marketing holds great opportunities with AI (Artificial Intelligence) as a combo:

Artificial Intelligence or The Machine Learning will create tremendous opportunities in digital marketing that can measure consumer behaviors, search patterns, likes, dislikes, etc. Thus digital marketing can be called the future form of marketing.

If we talk about the benefits of digital marketing, the list will be never-ending but still I would try to add a few extra points into this piece of article in the future.

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