5 Free Facebook Ads Research Tools That Will Save You Time & Money

August 9, 2019 Satrujit Mishra

Who doesn’t want to save time and money?

And what if I tell you, that you can save a lot of time and money with 5 free Facebook ad management tools that will make your life super easy. Sounds good right?

A lot of marketers like me rely on Facebook ads.

Because it still works for some niches.

And when it comes to proper targeting, ad copy and A B test; sometimes experts also fail.

Why not use some free Facebook ad management and research tools instead of burning money on tests?

So here is the list of 5 FREE Facebook ads research tools that will save you a lot of time, money and hard work.

1. Audience Insights

Facebook has an inbuilt audience research tool called audience insights.

It helps us to determine the best-matched audience for our upcoming campaigns.

You can easily find out the best age, gender, interest, and affinity for the best-matched audience so that your targeting will be right and you will get the lesser sharp audience.

And when you get lesser sharp targeting the ad relevance score goes up, as a result, your cost of buying ads goes down.

2. Facebook Ad library

If you are looking for some inspiration to create a great ad copy and image but your mind goes blank, some times my mind goes blank too.

At that time you can move over to this free tool and check ads that did well in your targeted niche.

You can also check what kind of image or video is getting maximum engagements.

3. Bigspy

Bigspy is one of my personal favorites when it comes to spying on competitors.

You can check on your competitors and see what kind of ads they are running using this amazingly simple tool.

It is absolutely free and very easy to use.

4. Engine Scout

When it comes to interest targeting, there are some hidden interests which we sometimes skip because we do not see it in Facebook ad manager.

But when we type them, those interests suddenly appear.

If you are looking for some hidden interests that are available on Facebook but can’t be seen, use this tool.

I bet you would love it and thank me later.

5. Ad Espresso Ad Examples

Got a big project but feeling nervous about ad copy and image etc?

This is the right tool to check on some big brands that are advertising on Facebook.

From Adidas to Cartier and from Nike to Huffington post you can find them all.


All the tools mentioned above are free and easy to use tools.

I would always recommend taking some time and doing some research with these tools;

instead of directly going to facebook ad manager and doing a campaign set up by thinking like, “I am an expert and I don’t need any tools.”

That’s a very wrong approach I did a few years back when I did not know about these tools.

I hope you guys liked this article. Please spread the word and mail me your questions so that I can solve them in my articles or Youtube channel.

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