9 Ways Digital Social Media Campaigns Can Change Politics

February 21, 2019
February 21, 2019 Satrujit Mishra
  1. Social Media is Direct Contact Between Politicians & Voters:

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Even a short and simple message is reaching to the target audience without spending a dime in marketing. Above is an example of wishing the audience on a special occasion that is being retweeted 5.1k times.

Source – @narendramodi (Honorable PM India)

2. Usage of Social Media & Smart Phone is Going up

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Who watches TV nowadays? Not me, do you watch TV? Most probably, no! Time spent on television is going down and the number of social media or social networking site users is going up every year. It is anticipated that in the year 2022 it might touch 370.77 million in India. (Source Statista) Well, the statistics never lie. Here I want to say, if your audience is on social media why are you wasting money on a traditional form of advertising?

3. People engage in political posts no matter what

4.8k Replies, 12k retweets 48k likes, yes people engage with political posts the most.

4. Lesser Sharp Demographic  Targeting:

Not everyone likes SAAS BAHU daily serials, nor politics. Digital campaigns give us the liberty to choose the location, age, gender, and interest.  The campaigns that are done in social media are targeted to people who are more likely to get engaged with political content and news.

If we complete in one sentence, MLA of Cuttack can show his content to Cuttack citizens and MLA of Bhubaneswar can show it to Bhubaneswar constituency respectively.

5. It can demolish rumors, fake news, and conspiracies:

Sometimes, political parties and politicians are victims of rumors, fake new and conspiracies. If they have their verified social pages, they can convey their message to the audience very easily either in text or image/video formats.

6. Live Broadcast Interaction:

Research says that audience on social media are more likely to engage in live streams done by politicians and entertainment industry.

7. Direct Feedback From Voters:

A direct feedback from the Voters can always be collected in terms of replies or comments.

8. Voters discuss over social media about politics:

In the recent years, the amount of discussion over politics by voters on social media has increased drastically. People follow political conversations and groups because the new age technology loving society wants to get involved in every steps taken by the political party they elected.

9. Indian People Interact The Most in Political Campaigns

The above statistics shows that Indian voters are the most enagging voters around the world to engage with content related to politics.

Conclusion:- Every single tool in the world has it’s own pros and cons. In my opinion political parties and politicians should only focus on the positive side by creating a positive image over the social media. Social media can bring revolution to Indian politics and politicians can be benefited if they use it in a right way.

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