Does Facebook Ads Marketing Still Work in 2019? ROAS Case Study

July 25, 2019 Satrujit Mishra

It is said, “Doubt Kills More Dreams than Failure Ever Will”.

So before we doubt anything we must be very clear and give enough proof to our monkey brain,

so that it can be convinced about the doubtful thoughts we get in our day to day life.

We can only fill up our brain with more knowledge to kill doubts.

People are asking me and also searching on Google that Whether Facebook ads are worth in 2019 era or they should change their Facebook marketing strategy.

Some are even willing to invest their Facebook marketing budget somewhere else instead.

But before completely believing anybody we must dig in-depth to find out whether Facebook marketing or Facebook ads really work in 2019 or not.

For this, I have a case study for you guys, in which I have generated 40% ROAS – Return on Ad Spent for a client and I will provide a screenshot of the campaigns with ROI details.

The niche is EDUCATION, and the business provides Childcare Training to a specific location of Australia. I can not disclose the client details as I have signed NDA.

The main goal of the campaign was to generate leads of females who are interested to take the course. The course fee is about $1600 AUD.

So at first, I started a GOOGLE Search Campaign, with a testing budget of $25 a day. The CPC was around $10 or even more.

Check out the screenshot below, this CPC was totally out of the budget of my client.


At that moment I decided that we must test with Facebook as I have observed the CPC is quite less on Facebook than Google search ads.

At the starting phase of the test, I created a Lead generation campaign with 3 ad sets and 3 different audiences. The cost per lead was $10-15 as the CTR was too low.

Again it was out of our budget. Let us assume we have a 10% conversion ratio and we generate 10 leads by paying $100 and we get no conversions at all out of those 10 leads.

This situation is a nightmare for all businesses.

So again I decided to test out messenger ads. Screenshots of my campaign and ad copy are given below.

NOTE: Figures are in Indian Rupees, Please Convert Then into $AUD

We spent hardly $400 AUD and we got 53 messaging conversions so far which already helped my client getting 10 enrolments worth $1600 each; which is around $16000 AUD.

We still have almost10 people who are positive and will be converted into a sale in a very short time.

So let us calculate the ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)
16000 / 400 = 40%

Not too bad right? The campaign is still going to mature and we will do more A B tests to find better results.

And the good news is the cost per lead is going down each day because the campaign is maturing.

We are also going to implement some conversion rate optimization techniques to make it a big hit.

Now let’s come back to the main question again. Does Facebook Ads Really work in 2019? The answer is, “Yes it Does”.

There are a few things you must keep in mind before running Facebook ads:

1) Target Audience
2) Targeting Right Interest
3) Ad Type (Some times leads ad may work some times messenger)
4) Bidding Strategy
5) Ad Copy
6) Ad Image / Video
7) Pixel(Do not run ads without a pixel)
8) A B Testing

If lead generation ads work for a financial service company. not necessarily it will work for an educational institute.

Each business has a different kind of target audience, we must do a lot of A B test to get the most refined and optimized results.

Before doubting on any platform, do your own research and A B tests. If there is a will there is a way, Facebook ads still work in 2019 and it will work in the future too.

Creating and optimizing Facebook ads might have changed but the effectiveness is still the same.

Satrujit Mishra

Digital Marketing Enthusiast | Founder | Growth Hack Marketer| Trainer

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