Facebook Rolls Out Facebook Sound Collection To Provide Royalty Free Music for Video Makers

January 15, 2018 Satrujit Mishra

Good news for Video Makers! Facebook recently launched it’s own  SOUND COLLECTION that are absolutely copyright or royalty free. Yes, you heard it right!  The struggle to find royalty free music and adding it to your videos without being afraid of getting your page banned is over now.

We all are much aware of  YouTube Audio Library that provides pieces of music that are royalty free. Facebook is now following the steps of YouTube as well.

Why? Because they just want to make Facebook a place where businesses and individuals would focus more and more in video content rather spending time writing articles and designing images.

Researchers have found that video content creates maximum impact inside a human brain rather than the text and image. What we can explain in 2 mins video will take 2000 words as text and 200 images in fact.

Now the question is do you really need this sound collection of your  Social Media Content Arsenal? The answer is Yes, of course.

Facebook Sound Collection would help content marketers and developers insert some mind-blowing background music and sound to their videos without being worried about a copyright violation.

How to get started with Facebook Sound Collection?  

Step 1:

You can simply click on the publishing tools tab of a Facebook page and click the sound collection button to land on Facebook Sound Collections. You may also CLICK HERE to land on the same page.

Step 2:

Choose your genre or mood and then find the best match for your upcoming video project.

Step 3:

Download the audio file and use it as a royalty free music in your video editor tool.

Facebook Sound Collection launch is a clear indication that Facebook loves videos more than any form of content, and we all know that Facebook will do anything to improvise their video publishing just to beat their long-term rivals YouTube which is a video sharing platform of Google.

facebook sound collection

In the coming future of Social Media it will be the era of videos, so why not get started today? I Hope it helps 🙂 Don’t forget to spread the goodness.

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