Search Engine Marketing Certification Training

What you will learn here

Course duration – 30 Days, With Google Adwords certification assistance

Google Adwords account setup

Creating Adwords account

Adwords Interface


Ad types in GOOGLE Adwords

• Ad types in GOOGLE Adwords
• Text Ads
• Image ads
• Video ads
• Search ads

Ad group and keywords

• Keyword Types(Broad, Phrase, Exact and Negative)
• Ad words Keyword Tool
• Text Ad Format
• Quality Score and its importance
• Understanding the Ad group & Keyword dashboard
• Automate tool
• Search Terms + Single Keyword Auction
• Columns Customization
• Alerts Setting
• Filters

Conversion Tracking

• Purpose of Conversions
• Create your Conversion tracking code


• Conversion Tracking
• Dimensions Reports
• Google Analytics Tools

Who can join this course?


Marketing Managers

Entrepreneurs / startups

Adword Beginers


YouTube Channel Owners

What can you do after completing this course?

You can start as an Adwords Freelancer

You can apply Google Adwords jobs

You can run Google Adwords for your own company

You can use Google Adwords for own YouTube Channel

You can implement it on own website or blog

Take aways from course

Certificate from Digital Sashtra

Google Adword Certification help

E-Books on Digital Marketing

Latest news letters

VIP Access to secret Facebook and WhatsApp group

Discounts for future webinars and workshops

Internship chance to selected candidates

Placement assistance

Personal support from faculty

Discounts for low income groups

Discounts for referring friends