Proven Digital Marketing for Financial Services Industry – Best Working Strategy

July 16, 2019 Satrujit Mishra

Financial services like loan providers and mortgage companies have a lot of potentials when it comes to implementing and getting good results from digital marketing.

In this article, I will jot down all the strategies and results I have achieved with digital marketing for my clients who deal with Financial Services in Australia & Canada.

I have been working as a lead generator for financial services clients for 2 years on 2 different campaigns that have generated more than 5000+ leads.

I will also provide screenshots of the results so that you can be sure that our strategy works and it can work for your business too.

The strategy:-

As we found Google ads to be very expensive for loan-related keywords, we ditched Google ads for cost-effective marketing as desired by the client.

You may include Google ads. It depends on the budget you have.

We targeted people who have are interested in credit cards, loans, got married or separated in near past, people who are interested in buy now pay later schemes, people who are interested in credit score, etc.

The Funnel:

Phase 1 (Generation of leads)

1) Traffic from Facebook ads in terms of leads
2) Targeting above the audience and custom audience mixed
3) Ad type Image
4) Ad copy (Done by professional)
5) Ad budget $20 at test $100 per day while scaling
6) Relevancy score 10
7) Fields for leads – Name, Email, Phone & City

Phase 2 (Collecting and sending leads to the client)

1) Collection of Leads using Zapier
2) Sent to Google Sheet & Email with Automation
3) Manually updated once a week
4) Integrating the leads in a CRM tool

Phase 3 (Leads calling)

1) Calling the leads within 24 hours for max effect
2) Guiding the caller (Provided by client)
3) Working with the caller to ensure leads are effective

Phase 4 (Turning leads into sales)

Once we have a bunch of potential leads, we ask the caller to find out the hottest leads and make an appointment with the loan officer. The loan officer meets the prospect with a time decided by the prospect.

Once the meeting is done, the loan officer closes the lead by handling all the queries that the customer might be having.

Resources used to make the campaigns successful:

1) Digital Marketing Expert
2) Facebook ads
3) Ad copy and image
4) Zapier integration
5) CRM tool
6) Google sheets
7) Telecallers
8) Loan officer

If you are looking for some real proof, I will be sharing some screenshots below that are from the Facebook campaigns.

Proven Digital Marketing for Financial Services Industry

Leads –  685

Cost per lead –  approx  $3 AUD  or $2.5 USD


Proven Digital Marketing for Financial Services Industry

Leads count – 1811

Cost per lead  –  $2 AUD


Who can apply this strategy?

  • Loan providers
  • Banks
  • Financial Services
  • Mortgage Services
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Lead providers
  • Creative Agencies
  • Services Based Businesses


Can this be automated?

Yes, this can be automated if you have the right team and the right employees.


So, this is how I help my clients who are dealing with financial services like loans, mortgages, credit cards etc.


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