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Social Media Marketing Certification Training

What you will learn here

Course duration – 30 Days, With Google Adwords certification assistance

What is Social Media Optimization?

Why SMO is necessary for any brand?

Difference between SMO vs SMM

5 Case studies

Facebook Optimization

• Why facebook is necessary for any business?
• Facebook Profile vs Facebook Page
• Facebook Page Creation
• Edge Rank Algorithm
• Facebook Group Creation
• Event Creation
• Content strategy
• Facebook Video creation tools & ideas
• Blog articles posting
• Image Post designing with canva
• Trending topic research
• Creating a contest for Facebook page
• Introduction with facebook buttons & reactions
• Taking a proper page name for branding / Cover & Page icon / post size
• How to optimize Facebook Bio
• Using GIF in posts
• Guide to hashtags
• Case study

Twitter Optimization

• Why Twitter is necessary for business?
• How to create a twitter profile
• Post size / Cover / Profile image guidelines
• Twitter bio optimization
• Designing a post and posting
• Using GIF in posts
• Identifying trending hashtags
• Case study

Pinterest Optimization

• What is Pinterest?
• How can we use it for business?
• Post & cover creation
• Posting articles
• Optimizing Bio

Instagram Mastery

• What is instagram?
• How to create an Instagram account?
• How to create a Instagram Business Profile?
• How to optimize Instagram BIO?
• Size guide for Instagram posts.
• Designing and posting a post in Instagram
• How to use hashtags for maximum results
• How to increase followers
• How to create 30 days post in 10 mins

YouTube Optimization

• What is Youtube Channel?
• How to create a Youtube Channel?
• Adding Youtube Banner
• Monetizing videos
• Doing video SEO
• Creating a 1 min video and uploading it on Youtube
• How to generate video creation ideas?

Linkedin Optimization

• What is Linkedin?
• How to use Linkedin for business?
• How to hire using linkedin?
• How to get hired using Linkedin?
• Linked in groups
• Linked in page creation


• Tumblr
• StumbleUpon
• Digg
• Reddit
• Slide Share
• Scribd

Who can join this course?


Marketing Managers

Entrepreneurs / startups

Adword Beginers


YouTube Channel Owners

What can you do after completing this course?

You can start as an Adwords Freelancer

You can apply Google Adwords jobs

You can run Google Adwords for your own company

You can use Google Adwords for own YouTube Channel

You can implement it on own website or blog

Take aways from course

Certificate from Digital Sashtra

Google Adword Certification help

E-Books on Digital Marketing

Latest news letters

VIP Access to secret Facebook and WhatsApp group

Discounts for future webinars and workshops

Internship chance to selected candidates

Placement assistance

Personal support from faculty

Discounts for low income groups

Discounts for referring friends