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Why A Career In Digital Marketing In India In 2019 Makes Sense ??? MUST READ!


Why A Career In Digital Marketing In India In 2019 Makes Sense ??? MUST READ!


India recently replaced France to become the sixth largest economy in the world. We are continuously growing at an incredible speed paving way for exponential development for businesses. One sector that is expected to boom is the digital marketing.

Now you already have heard the blow-horn advertisements all over the internet about how digital marketing is the next big thing but these flamboyant ads leave scope for reality to be told.

This is not going to be a yet-another-digital-marketing post that you usually come across on the internet but a report entirely based on numbers derived from reliable sources.

Without further ado let’s get started.

Massive Growth of Internet Users In India

Right now, around 35% of the Indian population can use the internet, but due to the rapid development of the telecom infrastructure, this figure is going to rise. By 2025, 55% of the Indian population will have access to the internet. The numbers we just told are shared by the Mary Meeker 2017 annual Internet trends report.

Why A Career In Digital Marketing In India In 2019 Makes Sense ??? MUST READ!

Why A Career In Digital Marketing In India In 2019 Makes Sense ??? MUST READ!

This is why it is safe to assume that golden of digital marketing in India is yet to arrive.

Digital marketing is still an unexplored domain for Indian marketers. This behaviour was particularly driven by the inadequate reach of the online channels to their target audience. But the scenario has changed as the internet is making its way into the lives of common people.

Speaking of the numbers there is an exponential increase in the percentage of the allotted budget by marketers for digital marketing.

In 2016, marketers allotted around 19% of their budget for digital marketing. This figure raised to 21% in 2017 and still increasing in 2018.

This is why we encourage a career in digital marketing as a career right now because you get the chance to ride the high tide.

Why Digital Marketing Will Become The New Media

Let’s talk about the shortcomings of the traditional media as we know it. The traditional media is called the push market that includes television, radio and print media. These channels just push the advertisements with minimal control over the target audience.

Digital marketing that consists of all the pull channels like blogs, online videos, social networks, email, etc. offers unprecedented control over targeting audience with your ads. Such micro-targeting of customers is game changing in a market with the customer base as diverse as India. Brands and businesses in India are becoming aware of this potential of digital marketing and are integrating it into their mainstream promotion strategy.

Again as we said we will be suggested all our statements with proven numbers, here’s a GroupM’s forecast reporting a 13% in the advertising expenditure of Indiain 2018.

Why A Career In Digital Marketing In India In 2019 Makes Sense ??? MUST READ!

If you have a closer look at the above forecast the increase in spending on digital marketing by Indian businesses will increase by 30% in 2018 which is twice as much the increase in expenditure growth of the television advertising.

Digital marketing gives a higher return to advertisers

Ankit Pandey, director of SEO Company  SEOEaze says, “Let’s face it, advertisers only care about how much return they get on their investment. With precise measuring tools and exceptional micro-targeting ability, the digital marketing offers the most cost-effective advertising channel.”

Availability of analytical tools like Google analytics marketers’ can track the actions of their target audience precisely giving them an opportunity to rectify and adapt their marketing strategy.

This is not even the best part.

Cost efficiency of digital marketing attracts small businesses as it is a lot more affordable than traditional marketing channels. This is the reason small Indian businesses already have started looking for quality digital marketers to promote their business.

Making a career in digital marketing gives you the opportunity to work with small businesses (that are huge in number). This is why you need to make a decision right now, as the sooner you establish yourself as a digital marketer, the more profits you will be able to make.

Are you up for the challenge?

I might have made it sound too easy to make a career as a digital marketer so far. But as with any other domain, you this sector has the challenges of its own.

To become an eligible digital marketer you have to take on the challenges and defeat them. Here are some major challenges you need to overcome.

  1. Having the right knowledge

The very fact that you are reading this post indicates that you are interested in making a career as a digital marketer. But let me ask you, how many sites on the internet you encountered that are offering you digital marketing courses?

Hundreds? Thousands? A Million? Probably.

This is why it is important that you choose a course that actually offers you valuable knowledge to make you an expert digital marketer. Also, you need to keep educating yourself to remain at the top of the game. Search engines and social networks are continuously updating themselves to provide the most relevant content and ads to their users. This is why you need to keep a track of all the changes taking place in the digital marketing segment.

  1. Channel experimentation

Another major challenge you will face is to come up with new strategies to get maximum revenue for your clients. Most digital marketers are found to have a natural liking for limited channels like PPC ads networks like Google and Facebook ads.

However, to make a difference as a digital marketer you will have to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with new channels that you can exploit for the benefit of your clients.

Are you ready?

Digital marketing at present is in its nascent stage in India. However, soon there will be a booming growth in digital marketing and if you are not ready then you will miss.

You have to make sure that you are learning from the best and relying on reliable sources to educate yourself as a digital marketing. Numbers have spoken, digital marketing as a career in 2019 is the best choice you can make.

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